Begin Again

I am moving a few posts from my old blog to this new website.  I like starting again.

From “In the Bus” by Grace Paley:

     “…Hey you
begin again
again   again   you’ll see
it’s easy begin again…”


A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Thank you to all who came by my studio during the recent Eastside Culture Crawl.  It was full of many fun and interesting conversations.

This week, I started a custom piece for someone, shipped a painting to its new owner in Belgium and tinkered with a personal painting project exploring how interior lives can be far more chaotic and uncertain than exterior facades.  This photo shows A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, but a Thousand Words Is Not Enough, a work in process on interiors, exteriors and expectations.  (November 2014)

Discovery: Air

It was a full house at the opening of Discovery: Air exhibition at the Seymour Art Gallery.  Thank you for curating such a diverse exhibition.  I was extremely honoured to receive the 2014 Carole Badgley Emerging Artist Award. (January 2014)

Summer Snapshot

The summer held a good change in pace, including time spent painting outdoors at UBC farm, especially the apple orchard, and even a day painting on a tug boat. (September 2013).

She Wears Black Diamonds

During the summer, a number of artists painted aboard the SS Masterhistoric tugboat docked at Granville Island.  Some of the works created on the SS Master, includingShe Wears Black Diamonds, will be shown in Water Works, an exhibition curated by Jeanne Krabbendam for the Vancouver Maritime Museum. (October 2013)



Pond Reflection

The art committee at UGM selected Pond Reflection I & II (diptych) 24×48 for their rotating gallery. I am happy to help add some colour to their facility which helps provide transitional housing in downtown eastside Vancouver. (June 2012)